Sid Patil





Paytm Entertainment (Movies, Parks, Events)

Paytm amusement parks android and ios app Paytm movies module on Android and iOS consumer apps Paytm events from Paytm Insider for Paytms consumer apps

Paytm Chat

Paytm chat module enables paytms users on Android and iOS to talk to each other

Mobile learning app - Master-O

Master-O is a micro learning application

Veute - Promotions around you

Veute is a hyper-local merchan to consumer platform

Custom UI for Samsung

Some themes made for Samsung

Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers

Finnst is an Android app which provides amoled wallpapers

A theme for CyanogenMod

Some themes made for cyanogenmod 12 and 13 an after market implementation of Android

Honors & Achievements

Mastery Award at InspireOne

Siddhesh Patil recieving Mastery award for contributions to Inspireone Technologies by Kartik Mohla the CEO of InspireOne

Bachelor’s in Engineering

Siddhesh Patil receiving bachelors of engineering at Atharva College of Engineering at Malad, Mumbai


Kotlin Mumbai - May 2020

Siddhesh Patil organizing a talk with Nicola Corti, Google Developer Expert for Android at Kotlin Mumbai

Kotlin Mumbai - March 2020

Siddhesh Patil organizing a talk at Kotlin Mumbai in March 2020

Google Developer Groups, MAD - Feb 2020

Siddhesh Patil at Google Developer Group MAD in February 2020 attending the monthly meetup by the GDG