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Sid Patil is an Android Engineer and Kotlin Advocate from Mumbai, he currently architects and builds software for Paytm and

Siddhesh Patil is an Android Engineer at Paytm Insider. Works on Paytm consumer and business apps. He is the organzier of Kotlin Mumbai, a developer community in Mumbai, India. Find talks, articles and latest developments in Android and Kotlin on this website

Prior to working at Paytm, he has helped build mobile apps for banks like Axis, YES and ICICI.

He loves contributing to open-source software and building libraries to help others. You’ll often find him organizing tech talks at Kotlin Mumbai and Android Worldwide, often participating as a speaker and encouraging others to learn Kotlin and Android development.


  • Architecting Paytm’s frontend stack on Android, built payment flows enabling 2 billion messages per month

    Checkout apps on Google Play: Paytm, Paytm for Business & Paytm Insider

  • Lead a tech team to ship mobile learning software for majority of the top banks in India

  • Published themes for Cyanogenmod, partnered with Samsung to work with their theme engine SDK

  • Quoted by Times of India in an article about Kotlin, read here

  • Served over a hundred million users so far!


Write to [email protected] or connect on


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Wash your bowl

Rubber duck programming siddroid

A monk asked Zhaozhou to teach him.
Zhaozhou asked, “Have you eaten your meal?โ€
The monk replied, “Yes, I have."
“Then go wash your bowl”, said Zhaozhou.
At that moment, the monk was enlightened.

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