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Kotlin Mumbai: Multiplatform projects and server-driven UI

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Build multiplatform projects with SwiftUI and compose and learn the art of server driven UI on Android with John Oreilly and Adit Lal

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A page out of server-driven UI:

Speaker: Adit Lal from Gojek

In this talk we dive into few example’s of server-driven UI (SDUI), it’s important to understand the general idea of SDUI and how it provides an advantage over traditional client-driven UI and why it’s so current hot-topic. We take a look at multiple offerings such as JetPack Compose or Epoxy (Airbnb’s library), and we then take a look at some tips and tricks to navigate the code from start to finish.

Using GraphQL in a KMM project with Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI:

Speaker: John O’Reilly, GDE for Kotlin

In this talk John will show how GraphQL, using Apollo library, can be used in shared code in a Kotlin Multiplatform project with the UI developed using Jetpack Compose on Android and SwiftUI on iOS. The talk will cover

  • Use of Apollo GraphQL library and it’s Kotlin Multiplatform support allowing addition of GraphQL queries and related logic in code shared between iOS and Android clients.
  • Development of clients using Declarative UI frameworks (Jetpack Compose on Android and SwiftUI on iOS)


Watch the talk on our youtube channel

About the author

Siddhesh Patil is an Android Engineer at DeliveryHero. Building core ordering experiences at Foodpanda and Foodora. He is the organzier of Kotlin Mumbai, a developer community in Mumbai, India. Find talks, articles and latest developments in Android and Kotlin on this website

Sid Patil is an Android Engineer and Kotlin Advocate based in Berlin, Germany. He works at Delivery Hero, building ordering experiences for food delivery and Q-commerce brands like Foodpanda and Foodora.

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