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Kotlin Mumbai: Kotlin basics and Flows

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Filip Babic and Akshay Chordiya Google Developer Experts for Android talk about Kotlin at Kotlin Mumbai User Group

Introductions & Introductions

We recently organized our April meetup at Kotlin Mumbai. Before we deep dive into the proceedings and recap the sessions here are a few stats for you:


  • Location: Online
  • Platform: Google Meet
  • Attendee count: 50-60
  • Speakers: Filip Babić and Akshay Chordiya, Google developer experts on Android

Before we announced the speakers for the session, we posted about a guessing game on Twitter. The person who successfully guesses the two speakers for the event gets a full one year subscription to Jetbrain’s IDEs. The only hint that our members had was that the speakers are a part of the GDE program. Only one or two members from the community were able to guess the right speaker.

We decided that this meetup will happen on Google Meet taking inspiration from other communities like GDG MAD. Thanks to Paytm Insider for the meet setup as free Gsuite accounts only allow 25 participants at a time.

Let’s talk about our sessions!

Introduction to Kotlin

Filip Babic talks about introduction to Kotlin at Kotlin Mumbai

Our first speaker Filip Babić takes us through the basics of kotlin. Syntax, ease of use, differences with Java, need for the language, safe calls, nullability and type inferencing are covered. This talk was aimed for our new members who are new to app development and want to get started with Kotlin. Kotlin, being the easiest of programming languages to learn is the preferred language for app development.

Check out the session on YouTube:

Go with the Kotlin Flow

Akshay Chordiya talks about Kotlin Flows at Kotlin Mumbai

Asynchronous programming is made super easy with Kotlin Flows. Flows being a part of coroutines are new hot thing in the game. Akshay Chordiya guides us through the new way to do async with Kotlin. I personally can’t wait to try flows in production once the releases are stable. Overall Flows look promising enough replacement for RX.

Check out the session on YouTube with the Q&A:

After thoughts

Overall the sessions went well, people from around the world and not just Mumbai came to join us, which was amazing! This was our first meetup hosting a developer expert at the community, not just one but two of them. Our attendees were quite happy and excited. We received positive feedback about the talks and our community.

It’s almost end of April! What started as a community of tens has now over 400+ members on meetup and we are growing. We have bigger plans in May and I hope to see you guys in the next meetup. Stay tuned!

About the author

Siddhesh Patil is an Android Engineer at DeliveryHero. Building core ordering experiences at Foodpanda and Foodora. He is the organzier of Kotlin Mumbai, a developer community in Mumbai, India. Find talks, articles and latest developments in Android and Kotlin on this website

Sid Patil is an Android Engineer and Kotlin Advocate based in Berlin, Germany. He works at Delivery Hero, building ordering experiences for food delivery and Q-commerce brands like Foodpanda and Foodora.

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