Kotlin Mumbai: Dissecting Coroutines

Mohit Sarveiya, GDE for Kotlin talks about selectors, channels and flows and dissects coroutines

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Dissecting Coroutines

The coroutines library contains many features for starting coroutines, creating Flows and Channels, and handling a mutable shared state. But, how do we use them, how do they work and what are good use cases?

In this talk, we will explore basic to advanced features provided by the coroutines library. We’ll look at when to use state flow, shared flow, and every type of Channel. We’ll explore lesser-known features and their use cases such as selectors and actors. Did you know combining Flows uses selectors under the hood? What are they? Mohit will share his learnings from his extensive experience in using these constructs!



That’s been it for our November meetup! It was quite interesting to understand how channels and flows work. We concluded the meetup with a Q&A round.

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