Build a game with Jetpack Compose and Keep up with scoped storage on Android

Carlos Mota talks about scoped storage and Wajahat Karim, GDE for Android talks about game development with Jetpack Compse on Android

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Scoped Storage on Android

Scoped storage is still a sensitive subject to most of us due to the impact it had on most apps, but the most needed one! Scoped storage is one of the most important security features that has been released that empowers the user to have the final word when an app is accessing external files. In this talk, Carlos Mota is also going to share the dos and don’ts about these developments and how everything will get better at the end.

Building a game with Jetpack Compose

Although Jetpack Compose is a toolkit to create Android UI in a declarative form with the power of Kotlin language. But it can be used as a canvas for generative art, animations, or even games. In this session, we’ll take a look at the capabilities of Canvas API for Jetpack Compose and how can we implement Chrome’s T-Rex Dino game. Wajahat Karim will discuss some challenges such as game loop, game state management, infinite parallax scrolling etc. By the end of this talk, you’ll be more familiar with the concepts of Canvas in Jetpack Compose and how you can use it for games.

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