VESIT: Building Apps For Android in Kotlin

Siddhesh Patil guides computer engineering students from VESIT about building their very first Android app in Kotlin

Talk details

Title: Building apps for Android in Kotlin

Date: 8th August 2020

Platform: Google Meet

Institute: Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology

Location: Online

Attendees: 170 + Students from Department of Computer Engineering

Patrons: Dr.(Mrs). Nupur Giri, Head of department, Computer Engineering

From Codecell: Mr. Prashant Kanade, Mr. Richard Joseph

Coordinators: Mr.SujitKumar Singh, Ms.Tina Chandwani, Mr.Amit Chhabria, Mr.Rohan Gosalkar, Mr.Arnav Bagchi, Mr.Kunal Kotkar, Mr.Sanket Jangle, Mr.Sahil Rajpal

Hon: Shri. B.L. Boolani (President VES), Dr.(Mrs) J.M. Nair (Principal), Dr.(Mrs) M. Vijayalakshmi (Vice Principal)


With a day one session on introduction to Kotlin the students are prepared to explore the world of Android Development. This talk is a live workshop where students build a small app for Android using Android Studio and Kotlin.




Concluding the two-day workshop and talks, students were able to build their very first app using Kotlin. We explored how to work with Android Studio and learnt the basic building blocks of an Android app. The institute distributed certificates of participation to the students who attended.


I was honored to be welcomed at a prestigious institute like VESIT to speak and teach the students. This would not have been possible without the efforts of the team at CodeCell who organized the session. Special thanks to Mr.Sujitkumar Singh who was patient enough to follow this through over the last six months since February 2020 for planning this event. My humble thanks and gratitude to the faculty at VESIT and to the students who participated in the session. Talks and workshops like these enable and empower students with the right direction to their path on becoming tomorrow’s successful app developers!

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Siddhesh Patil is an Android engineer at Paytm Insider. He is currently working on Paytm, a leading payments platform in India. Being passionate about Android and Kotlin, he maintains this website to talk about the latest trends in mobile software. He also organizes a community of developers called Kotlin Mumbai with Jetbrains and is also a Google community lead.

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