Kotlin Hyderabad: Introduction to Kotlin

Siddhesh Patil talks about Kotlin and the language features at Kotlin Hyderabad a KUG by Jetbrains

Talk details

Title: Introduction to Kotlin

Platform: Youtube live stream

Community: Kotlin Hyderabad

Location: Online

Attendees: 38

Organizers: Rajmahendra & Chaitanya

Meetup Link

Listing on Kotlinlang.org


Kotlin is the preferred language for Android Development. With over 2 billion active users, Kotlin enables many developers to deliver software worldwide on Android. With growing number of users migrating to Kotlin, this session aims to cover basics of Kotlin and programming. The talk is intended for beginner level audience and for new comers who want to learn Kotlin.





This was my first talk on Kotlin, hope this was helpful to everyone. I’ll be doing more talks like these. Feel free to drop a comment or connect with me on other platforms!

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Siddhesh Patil is an Android engineer at Paytm Insider. He is currently working on Paytm, a leading payments platform in India. Being passionate about Android and Kotlin, he maintains this website to talk about the latest trends in mobile software. He also organizes a community of developers called Kotlin Mumbai with Jetbrains and is also a Google community lead.

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